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You may already have disability income protection, but will your coverage protect your current income and lifestyle? If you're like most of our clients, your ability to earn a living may be the most important asset that you own. In the world of disability it's hard to argue with the numbers, but people take their chances anyway.

The numbers say that of all the possible catastrophes you'll face, the most likely one is becoming disabled. Do heart attacks just happen to "Older Folks"? Absolutely not! 1.5 million Americans will have a first time heart attack this year. 45% occur in individuals under age 65 and 5% under 40. How about cancer? Over 930,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. These are facts of life and the real world of the disabled. There are 14.2 million working age people that are disabled today.

Disability: the reason for 48% of all mortgage foreclosures!
Consider this statistic: In a study conducted by the Housing and Home Financial Agency ( HUD), 48% of all mortgage foreclosures result from disability.

Long-Term Disabilities
If a long-term (90 day) disability has lasted two years, it will probably continue longer, possibly for life.

Age When Disabled for 90 Days

Percentage of People Still Disabled At End Of 2 Years and 90 Days

Percentage of People Still Disabled At End Of 5 Years and 90 Days

25 years



35 years



45 years



55 years



Risk of Disability is Substantially Greater Than Risk Of Death

        • Age 30, long-term disability is 3.5 times more likely than death.
        • Age 40, long-term disability is 3.2 times more likely than death.
        • Age 50, long-term disability is 2.4 times more likely than death.

Business Overhead ( Disability)
Who Needs Business Overhead Disability Insurance? The person who has the responsibility to make good on these promises:

  • Salaries
  • Rent
  • Electric Bills
  • Phone
  • Supplies
  • Taxes
  • Postage
  • Business Equipment
  • Bank Loans & Interest

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