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In our ever changing marketplace good benefits are essential to retain and reward valuable employees. You may attract good employees with a good company image, but you keep them with good benefits and constant communications.

We always use a team approach to insure that there is always more than one contact person available to answer your questions and respond in a timely manner.

  • Voluntary benefits (payroll deductions)
  • Dental and Vision plans
  • Disability - short & long term
  • Carve-out executive benefits
  • Deferred compensation
  • Turn-key low cost retirement plans

 Voluntary Benefit: Example Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is one of the most important, if not the most important form of insurance protection. Despite this fact, very few Americans are protected by a disability policy. Thousands of employers do not provide disability income coverage and millions of employees have no safety net for unexpected disabilities whether short or long term. In fact, only about 28% of us are insured by this coverage. "White collar professionals need disability insurance to continue a lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed." Blue and pink collar workers need disability insurance in order to exist during a period of no income due to an illness or accident. Most families don't have enough savings to replace their income for three to four weeks before their savings accounts are totally depleted. In the case of a permanent disability, it may be as long as eight to nine months before any income is received from Social Security.  

Social Security certainly is not the answer. Seven out of every ten people who apply never collect Social Security benefits for their claim. There is a four step appeals process which could take many months before a claimant could expect to receive any help. If your claim is rejected in the first step, you then have less than a 9% chance of ever collecting.  
(source: Social Security Administration)  

The truth is, the leading causes of disability are not the headline makers. They are more commonplace; consider these claims from a leading carrier.  

Claim No.

Nature of Disability

Length of Disability


Chronic Brain Syndrome

22 Years


Heart Disease

20 Years


Coronary Thrombosis

20 Years


Fractured Vertebrae

24 Years


Rheumatoid Arthritis

22 years


Nervous Collapse

22 Years


Epidermoid Carcinoma

22 Years


Cerebral Thrombosis

20 Years


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