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We specialize in:

*Employee Benefits
*Estate and Business Planning
*Health Insurance
*Life Insurance
*Disability Insurance
*Consulting & Review
*Long Term Care





Fortunately, the majority of our clients don't need financial planning. They have done very well building their respective businesses and practices. What they often need from us is help with the people problems. Who will run the business? What happens if one of their key people die or become disabled? If they are stockholders or family members, how do they redeem their shares from spouses or family members?

Sometimes they need our products such as life and disability insurance to fund buy/sell agreements. Because of insurability problems sometimes our products are not available and we are called on for alternate suggestions.

Estate & Business planning isn't always monetary. Our clients want a sounding board to test ideas or develop "what-if" scenarios. Our years of experience working with clients and professional advisors enable us to be that sounding board. We do that by understanding the goals and objectives of our clients, then recommending strategies that make sense to them. Finally, by working with the clients attorney and accountant to analyze the legal documents, and tax strategies.

You can tell a lot about us
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