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Group Health
CPI has over 30 years experience in managing employer health plans. Before managed care became the fancy term used for managing employer health costs, CPI was introducing creative ways to reduce our clients' costs for providing healthcare to their employees.

How we help Manage Costs

Assess clients' needs
Design the right plan
Review changes in the market
Re-evaluate and follow up

For clients who recognize the difference between managing risk and managing cash flow and want to be more actively involved in the latter, CPI can advise and design any number of plans which are financed all or in part by the client. CPI introduced partially self-funded health plans to its clients beginning in 1980 and have saved them thousands of dollars in excess risk and administrative charges. Not to mention the time value of money and the flexibility of running their own plan.

PPO's (Preferred Provider Organizations)
Benefit plans that offer Preferred Provider Organizations are an excellent way to introduce employees to the cost saving benefits of managed care without restricting provider choice. Health plans with PPO's offer richer benefits to employees. Employees that use the PPO network enjoy discounted services as well as the balance of reasonable and customary charges. And PPO's agree to better pricing disciplined utilization standards which should save the employer money. However, not all PPO's are the same. CPI provides its clients an analysis of network size and discounts to ensure all of their financial and employee benefit needs are met.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
These are the most restrictive form of managed care. In most cases, the health benefit plans are designed so that each member of the plan, including the dependents, must receive care from providers in the HMO network. Because of the restricted nature of the plan, employees usually pay co-payments for services. However, if you receive care from providers outside the HMO network, you have no coverage at all.

Reliable Claim Service
Our staff is trained to help you when you need it the most. When you experience a complex claim we monitor it closely and walk you through the process. We stay on top of the issue until it is resolved and settled properly.

Our goal is to assure you when you suffer a loss, you experience a minimum interruption of personal and staff activity. Working together to present claims in an expedient manner is always our goal.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Health Savings Accounts are tax-deferred savings accounts used in conjunction with a High-Deductible Health Insurance plan (HDHP). By enabling you to deposit tax-free funds, and make tax-free withdrawals to cover medical expenses, an HSA gives you the control over how you pay for health care costs.

If you don't have any medical expenses, your account continues to grow on a tax-free basis. Withdrawals from your HSA, regardless of your age, are tax-free and penalty free when used for qualified medical expenses.

Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)
An HRA is a type of health insurance plan, funded by employers, that reimburses employees for qualified medical expenses, just as an insurance plan will reimburse covered individuals for the cost of services incurred.

All qualifying medical expenses are paid in full if the funds are available in the account. All unused funds are rolled over at the end of the year, and former employees, including retirees, can have continued access to unused reimbursement amounts.


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